US President Donald Trump arrives in the UK hours to face up to  mass protests against his policies on immigration. Widespread protests against President Trump across the United Kingdom are being planned and organised by ‘Together Against Trump‘, a coalition of campaigns and unions organising huge demonstrations against Donald Trump during his  visit to the United Kingdom.


United States President Donald Trump on state visit to United Kingdom

Meanwhile Scotland Yard in a  statement have  asked  ‘Together Against Trump’ for a crowd management and safety plan which they say  as organisers they should have overarching responsibility for.The Metropolitan Police Service received notification on Thursday, July 5 from the organisers of the ‘Together Against Trump’ protest of their intention to bring a vehicle mounted stage into Portland Place, W1A as part of their event.

As is usual, the Met asked the organisers for a crowd management and safety plan which as organisers they have overarching responsibility for.

On Monday, July 9 the Met received diagrams of where the vehicle was to be positioned, with no mention of stewarding for this particular aspect of the event.

This was not a formal notification of how crowd safety would be managed.

At the heart of our policing operation is the right to freedom of speech and peaceful protest.

However we equally have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the public and this current time we do not feel that the proposal from the organisers ensures safety of a crowded place.

By Crimson Tazvinzwa

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