Despite awkward body language; brief, sober answers, President Donald Trump winked at Russian President Putin

President Donald Trump winked at Russian President Vladimir Putinat the beginning of a presser that was characterized by “awkward body language” and tame, short answers.

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President Donald Trump will meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin on July 16, 2018. Jack Taylor/Getty Images; Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

Trump’s friendly gesture was the wink heard round the world and supported a tweet the president sent out earlier which indicated that the cause of U.S.-Russian tensions was not Russia, but the United States and, particularly, the Mueller probe.

More discomfiting still, Russia’s foreign ministry agreed with Trump’s assessment, tweeting out as much Monday.

People reacted harshly to Trump’s little wink at Putin and his overall demeanor with the Russian president:

John Aravosis


Oh my god. Trump looks like he just got schooled by his teacher. The shoulders hunched over, hands in lap. Could he be more submissive?

Mark Stone


Very awkward body language… but @realDonaldTrump did offer Vladimir Putin a wink. @SkyNews 😉

rabia O’chaudry


Only Trump could make Putin look like the classy one

Mark Stone


Very awkward body language… but @realDonaldTrump did offer Vladimir Putin a wink. @SkyNews 😉

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