Melania Trump horrified as she shakes Putin’s hand

by CRIMSON TAZVINZWA//President Trump met president Putin in a long-awaited summit which has since dominated international headlines.

Their meeting comes in the middle of a lengthy FBI investigation into allegations that Putin meddled in the 2016 US election – claims which Putin has vehemently denied.

putin mel
Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, shakes hands with U.S. First Lady Melania Trump at the G20 Summit meeting July 7, 2017 in Hamburg, Germany.

Nestled in among the chaos and conversation was a formal meeting between the two, which spawned an extremely awkward moment captured by eagle-eyed Twitter user @smrduke87.

He subsequently shared the clip online, placing particular emphasis on the apparent horror written across Melania Trump’s face as she shook Putin’s hand.

It’s hard to tell exactly what the first lady was thinking, but plenty have chosen to speculate as to exactly what was running through her mind. Unsurprisingly, the most common guess was fear.

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