‘Powerful case’ for second Brexit vote says Labour leadership prospective candidate for Wales

Vaughan Gething AM
Credit: PA, Ben Birchall

There’s an ‘ever more powerful case’ for a new Brexit referendum, according to an Assembly Member who wants to take over from Carwyn Jones as Labour leader and First Minister.

Health Secretary Vaughan Gething said confusion and division in the UK Government over its negotiating stance looks set to lead to a bad deal for Britain.

The Cardiff South and Penarth AM made his comments in a speech in Trevethin near Pontypool as part of his campaign to become Welsh Labour leader.

Whether you voted leave or remain the Brexit referendum was about an idea not a plan. The UK Government is an absolute shower on Brexit. They can’t even agree to support their own plan. If the parliaments of the UK can’t agree what to do then there is an ever more powerful case for the people to decide. A people’s vote.

The Welsh Labour leadership contest hasn’t officially begun yet and won’t until Carwyn Jones formally stands down in September.

However the frontrunner, Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford has already won the public backing of 12 other AMs. To be in the contest a candidate needs five nominations along with their own vote.

Vaughan Gething has public pledges of support from four other AMs but he says he’s confident he will have enough to be in the contest.

I’m here today because I’m confident there’ll be enough people when nominations open who will support me. [That comes from] the conversations I’ve had with Assembly Members about what they want to do over the summer. but the definitive confidence from what members have directly said to me that I expect confidently to be a candidate when nominations open in September. If that were not the case I would not be here.

Two other leading AMs, Eluned Morgan and Huw Irranca-Davies, have also said they hope to stand but say they haven’t yet asked fellow AMs for their public nominations.

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