ARIZONA – Former US Senator Jon Kyl To Fill John McCain’s Arizona Senate Seat

Cindy McCain calls Mr Kyl a ‘dear friend of mine and John’s’

John McCain - 1999
Republican presidential candidate John McCain poses with an A-4 jet — similar to the one which he was piloting when he was shot down during the Vietnam War — on the deck of the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier in New York. McCain, who flew off of the Intrepid during the Vietnam War, but was not on it when he was shot down, was at the Intrepid to receive the 1999 Intrepid Freedom Award
Former US Senator Jon Kyl speaks as Senate Republican leadership hold a press conference in 2012
Former US Senator Jon Kyl speaks as Senate Republican leadership hold a press conference in 2012 ( Allison Shelley/Getty Images) )

Former Senator Jon Kyl will fill the late Senator John McCain’sseat in the US Congress, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has said.

The appointment marks an unexpected return to Capitol Hill for Mr Kyl, who retired in 2013 after serving three terms an Arizona senator. Mr Doucey said he expected the 76-year-old to “hit the ground running”, adding that now was “not the time for newcomers”.

“There is no one in Arizona more prepared to represent our state in the US Senate than Jon Kyl,” Mr Ducey said in a statement. “He understands how the Senate functions and will make an immediate and positive impact benefiting all Arizonans.”

“I’m accepting this appointment to fill the seat vacated by the passing of my dear friend because of my sense of duty to the state I love, and the institution of the Senate which I served for 18 years, and because the governor asked for my help,” Mr Kyl said at a press conference, according to AZ Central.

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