US PRESIDENT TRUMP: ‘I look forward to a meeting with Putin. WE might ‘cancel the get-together” with Putin. We are “not happy about it at all,” and “we do not like what’s happening either way.”

US President is scheduled to meet Putin at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires at the end of this week; however, he said that it would depend on the results of a report about the incident being prepared by his national security advisers. He is quoted to have said:”Maybe I won’t have the meeting. Maybe I won’t even have the meeting,” Ukrainian President warned that the clash at sea could herald more drastic developments in the simmering Ukraine-Russia military standoff.
Kremlin says Trump-Putin G-20 meeting still on

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The Russian government on Monday said that President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are still expected to meet on the sidelines of the upcoming Group of 20 (G-20) summit despite the flaring crisis in Ukraine.
“This meeting is being prepared,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters when asked if the tensions with Ukraine would impact the planned meeting, according to Russia’s state-owned TASS news agency. 

Kremlin confirms Trump-Putin G20 meet amid Russia-Ukraine tensions

TRUMP “cancels the get-together” with President Putin after Russian ships opened fire on and seized three Ukrainian vessels near Crimea

Trump abruptly cancels planned Putin meeting

||CRIMSON TAZVINZWA, AIWA! NO!|AIWA! NO!|President said he was “not happy about it at all,” then indicated he might see fault on both sides, saying, “we do not like what’s happening either way.”

The President was referring of course to the escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine; a tense military ready situation that could blow up into a full-out war if it goes unchecked. Soon.

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Trump waited more than 24 hours after Russian ships fired on and then seized three Ukrainian vessels on Sunday before he commented on the clash.

The President’s restrained restraining message was deliberate, administration officials tell CNN, an attempt to avoid conflict before he meets Putin at the G20 in Argentina later this week. Trump tried a tougher line in a Tuesday interview with the Washington Post, saying he might cancel his get-together with the Russian leader depending on the results of a “full report” about the maritime clash.

“That will be very determinative,” Trump told the Post. “Maybe I won’t have the meeting. Maybe I won’t even have the meeting … I don’t like that aggression. I don’t want that aggression at all.”

But so far Russia watchers and even Russian state television have drawn another message from Trump’s behavior, which analysts said telegraphs weakness, will shape the way Putin approaches their consultations in Argentina and could further embolden the Russian leader on the global stage.


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