Indonesia Tsunami: Death toll rises to 222 after tsunami sweeps Indonesia coast
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The “Child of Krakatoa” has violently erupted, leading to the Indonesia tsunami which claimed hundreds of lives over the weekend.

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TOM HEAD, THE SOUTH AFRICAN|AIWA! N0!|With the death toll approaching the 200 mark, the Indonesia tsunami has left a devastating trail of destruction in its path. Triggered by the eruption of a volcano labelled the “Child of Krakatoa”, thousands have been affected by the tragedy in the west of the country.

AT LEAST 222 people were killed and almost 800 seriously injured after the infamous Krakatoa volcano erupted triggering a tidal wave which hit beaches around Sunda Strait in Indonesia between the islands of Sumatra and Java on Saturday night.


Earlier on Sunday, we saw the shocking footage of local band Seventeen getting hit by the tsunami. Band members, their crew and people in the audience are still missing after the open-air venue was decimated by the torrent of water.

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Hundreds of buildings were destroyed by the wave, which hit the coast of southern Sumatra and the western tip of Java about 21:30 (14:30 GMT) on Saturday following the eruption of a volcano known as the “child” of the legendary Krakatoa, national disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said.

As AFP report, search and rescue teams were scouring rubble for survivors, with 168 confirmed dead, 745 people injured and 30 reported missing across three regions.

Anak Krakatau: A history of the deadly volcano

The volcano Anak Krakatau – or “Child of Krakatoa” – was formed in 1927, 44 years after Krakatoa was responsible for one of the most powerful eruptions in human history. After nearby islands were obliterated, Anak eventually formed to the west of the volcano.

The 1883 event was so violent, it spewed lava, ash and rocks “more than six miles” into the air. Furthermore, residents of Alice Springs in Australia reported hearing the eruption, some 3 500km away.

Watch: The “Krakatoa” eruption as it happened

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Footage of the #Volcano in #Indonesia what was followed by a deadly #Tsunami a day after it has exploded.

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