2020 Democratic Candidate Mayor Buttigieg calls out Trump for dodging Vietnam ‘arms call-up’ on faked disability claim

Pete Buttigieg: Donald Trump Used Status To Fake A Disability,’Dodge Vietnam Draft//Crimson Tazvinzwa

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is accusing President Donald Trump of draft dodging the Vietnam War, claiming the president faked a disability. Buttigieg, who served in Afghanistan, also spoke of the president as a “crazy uncle.”


I have a pretty dim view of someone making a decision to use their status and privilege, faking a disability in order to avoid going to Vietnam like any one else.

I don’t want to trivialise ‘disability’, but when you think about how someone can easily exploit and feed off the system, in a cavalier fashion at that. Imagine.

But again. Think about it. Manipulating the ability to obtain a fake diagnosis; I mean if it were out of conscientious object to the object of that infamous war, then let it be. Anyone would admire that as ‘practice out of principle’. It is fairly obvious to most of us that the president and his family took advantage at the time.

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