7 Righwing Leaders According To Katie Hopkins

In practice, we should waste no opportunity to up the cost of illiberal politics, but we need to do so selectively and proportionally.

Donald Trump's Latest Attack On Sadiq Khan Is Confused To Say The

Extraordinary; Katie Hopkins has just named seven of the many rightwingers leading the free world in 21st century///Crimson Tazvinzwa









WIKTOR SZYMANOWICZ/NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGESImage captionThe protest featured a blimp depicting the Conservative Party leadership contender


Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of central London in a march against Brexit and Conservative Party leadership hopeful Boris Johnson.

The pro-European March for Change is holding a “No to Boris, Yes to Europe” event, and includes a blimp depicting him.

Campaigners are asking for Mr Johnson to “stop the Brexit chaos”.

The liberal order can be protected from populism — using a strategy that’s already proved successful against a powerful ideological threat. Right-wing populism can’t be rolled back, but it can be contained.

After World War II, Western democracies squared off against communism with the strategy of containment. There’s no reason they can’t do the same again with right-wing nationalism. That will mean forgoing futile feel-good attempts to roll back populist advances, in exchange for an approach that keeps up the pressure until the opponents of the liberal order collapse under their own contradictions///Politico

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