A Georgetown University law student who reportedly expressed a fear of flying is among the 157 dead in the Ethiopian Airlines crash

Cedric Asiavugwa
Cedric Asiavugwa, a student at Georgetown Law School, is among the 157 who died Sunday in an Ethiopian Airlines crash.
  • Georgetown University law student Cedric Asiavugwa was among the 157 killed when an Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed shortly after takeoff Sunday morning.
  • The 32-year-old was on his way home to Kenya to attend the funeral of his fiancé’s mother.
  • An email sent out to the Georgetown community described Asiavugwa as a “stellar student” and “a dedicated champion for social justice.”

A Georgetown University law student is among the 157 dead after an Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed shortly after takeoff Sunday morning near Addis Ababa.

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Asiavugwa was on his way home to Kenya to attend the funeral of his fiancé’s mother, the school said.

Cedric Asiavugwa, a third-year student at Georgetown Law, was on his way home to Kenya to attend the funeral of his fiancé’s mother, according to an email from law school Dean William Treanor and Rev. Mark Bosco, Georgetown’s vice president for mission and ministry.

“With his passing, the Georgetown family has lost a stellar student, a great friend to many, and a dedicated champion for social justice across East Africa and the world,” the statement said.

Sarah Decker was one of Asiavugwa’s classmates, and told WJLA he talked about being nervous to fly back to Africa in their last conversation.

Decker said Asiavugwa was supposed to spend spring break visiting friends in Chicago, but had to change his plans at the last minute when his fiancé’s mother died.

She said she told Asiavugwa to relax by thinking about something other than the flight.

“It was almost surreal getting that email because it was what he had feared when he was talking to us about flying. So that was really hard,” Decker told WJLA.

She added: “He was brilliant, really kind, and very humble. He always had something really amazing to say.”

A picture of the Georgetown campus in August 2018.

The Georgetown email spelled out Asiavugwa’s many accomplishments, from helping found an organization to help women and children fleeing war-torn Somalia to working at a free school in Kenya for orphans with HIV/AIDS.

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