Abbas delivers fiery anti-Israel speech at the UN

PALESTINIAN President calls for international probe of ‘settlers and soldiers’, says Trump and US are not honest mediators.Abbas

AIWA! NO!//Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas gave a fiery anti-Israel speech at the UN General Assembly in New York on Thursday evening.

Abbas called on the United States to rescind its decision to transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing it as Israel’s capital. Abbas also strongly criticized President Trump and said that no one knows what Israel’s real borders are.

“Can someone tell me the borders of Israel? Bring me a map and show me where the border is,” Abbas said.

“Our Jerusalem, it has no price, and it is not for sale, the rights of the Palestinian people are not subject to any discussion,” declared Abbas.

Abbas alleged that Israel was harming Palestinian attempts to operate independently. “Last year I read in my speech for justice and peace to the oppressed Palestinian people suffering from the Israeli occupation, and I returned here today, when the occupation strangles us and undermines our efforts to build our own state.”

The PA chairman demanded that Israel recognize an independent Palestinian state and also called on the International Court of Justice in The Hague to “investigate the aggression of the soldiers and settlers against the Palestinian land”.

Abbas also said that “We congratulated Trump’s peace initiative and waited for him to present it, but his actions shocked us and grossly contradicted the role of the United States in promoting the peace process. Trump is not a fair mediator.”

He added, “Our capital will not be in East Jerusalem, but East Jerusalem is our capital even though it was occupied in 1967.”

“We never refused to negotiate or to take part in the peace process,” he said.

Abbas slammed the Nationality Law as well. “In July, Israel approved a racist law that violated all international laws. This law can only lead to the creation of a single state that will be a racist apartheid state.”

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