Africa’s best musician, West Africa’s legendary ‘golden voice’ artist: Salif Keita

Salif Keita chante en choeur avec le président Alassane Ouattara à Grand Bassam

Mali – Salif Keita – Mandjou in HD – Africa Live Roll Back Malaria – Copyright Claim: ‘Believe’ ~ Crimson Tazvinzwa//AIWA! NO!

Salif Keita the “Golden voice of Africa” is a ‘killer’ music artist. Maybe it is just me. If it is the case – possibly – if not, then I am a nutter.

Salif Keita - The Golden Voice
Salif Keita – The Golden Voice

I don’t have any clue about the message via lyrics; it is not my language but this music communicates with me better than my mother-tongue. If that makes sense at all. Guess not.

The vocals, choreography, the dancing girls; and the ensemble of rich traditional instrumentation – just awesome. Oh! And the video ‘assist’.

Salif Keita announces retirement and Ramata Diarra tribute concert

With Mandjou track in the background I can do all sorts of things: pray; read, write – clean house. Could do the garden as well but eish I figure neighbours will have none of it.

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