AMERICA’s Lost FOND MEMORIES! Yes Memories That Are Endangered If New Trump Ideologue-America First” Keeps Course

As Clinton later wrote in his memoir:

It was historic: an Israeli government had said that to get peace, there would be a Palestinian state in roughly 97 percent of the West Bank, counting the [land] swap, and all of Gaza, where Israel also had settlements. The ball was in Arafat’s court.

Bill Clinton

The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty, formally Treaty Between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on the Elimination of Their Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles) is a 1987 arms control agreement between the United States and the Soviet Union (and later its successor statethe Russian Federation). Signed in Washington, D.C. by President Ronald Reagan and General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachevon 8 December 1987, the treaty was ratified by the United States Senate on 27 May 1988 and came into force on 1 June 1988.

President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev signing the INF Treaty in the East Room of the White House,
8 December 1987

President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev signing the INF Treaty in the East Room of the White House,
8 December 1987

The INF Treaty eliminated all nuclear and conventional missiles, as well as their launchers, with ranges of 500–1,000 kilometers (310–620 mi) (short-range) and 1,000–5,500 km (620–3,420 mi) (intermediate-range). The treaty did not cover sea-launched missiles. By May 1991, 2,692 missiles were eliminated, followed by 10 years of on-site verification inspections.

Elizabeth Anderson is professor of philosophy and women’s studies at the University of Michigan.
Obama has been the best US president by far in my lifetime – which includes the tail end of Eisenhower’s term. Our outgoing president has advanced the most consequential progressive domestic policy agenda since Lyndon B Johnson.
Allow me to list some of Obama’s biggest accomplishments. He achieved the closest thing to universal healthcare the US has seen, in the face of massive political opposition – the top agenda item for progressives since Truman. His stimulus bill ensured a more rapid recovery from the great recession than that experienced by peer countries in the EU, which have pursued counterproductive austerity policies. He rescued millions of good jobs by supplying loans to the vehicle industry, preventing its collapse in the financial crisis. He oversaw a major banking reform, which reduces the chance that banks will cause future financial crises and provides consumer protections from deceptive financial practices. He strengthened women’s rights to equal pay for equal work. He raised the minimum wage for employees of government contractors. He ended banks’ usurious involvement in federal student loans, dramatically reducing the costs to students of borrowing for college. He made the federal tax system substantially more progressive.
Obama’s Department of Justice has vigorously advanced minority voting rights and has taken major initiatives to reduce racist policing and incarceration practices. His supreme court appointees ensured that gay and lesbian couples have the right to marry. He has banned federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees. He suspended the deportation of undocumented immigrants who entered the US as children. His energy and environmental policies have reduced the country’s greenhouse gas emissions and committed it to dramatic reductions in the future.
I could list hundreds more progressive achievements. And unlike LBJ, Obama has nothing comparable to the catastrophic Vietnam war to mar this legacy. (Afghanistan may be a quagmire, but the scale of the problem is much smaller than in Vietnam.) Unfortunately, although I think his reputation will only grow over time, the election threatens to dismantle many of his achievements, as it hands total control of the federal government to the Republicans. Republicans in congress are likely to find this more difficult to achieve than they anticipate, however, and they will court disaster if they go too far.
The election result means the path to cementing Obama’s legacy is now longer and rockier than it might have been, but I am hopeful that ultimately consolidation will be achieved.

IPPR North

President George W. Bush’s Remarks At Ground Zero September 14, 2001

President Bush toured wreckage at the site of the World Trade Center after it collapsed as a result of attacks by hijacked aircraft.

IT WAS GEORGE W. BUSH’S “bullhorn moment,” one of the most riveting and important points in his presidency, illustrating the personal qualities he was most proud of: a pride in making decisions from the gut, an overwhelming trust in his instincts, a certain brio in how he conducted himself during a crisis.

I bring this up because Bush is dedicating his presidential library and museum in Dallas Thursday, an event that is triggering a new debate on the pros and cons of his presidency. He is being criticized in many ways, but this was one incident, three days after 9/11, in which he performed admirably and demonstrated inspirational leadership, and it shouldn’t be forgotten.

Situation Room is a photograph taken by White House photographer Pete Souza in its namesake, the White House Situation Room,[1] at 4:06 pm on May 1, 2011. The photograph shows President of the United States Barack Obama along with his national security team, receiving live updates from Operation Neptune Spear, which led to the killing of Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda.

Obama and Biden await updates on bin Laden.jpg on Wikipedia projects: (en) The Situation Room (photograph)

Obama and Biden await updates on bin Laden.jpg on Wikipedia projects: (en)
 The Situation Room (photograph)

Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

If Hillary Clinton had taken office 2016, her best adviser in mediating Israel and Palestine’s century-old conflict would have been the man who came closest to doing it before – her husband Bill Clinton

Love him or hate him, Bill Clinton has been one of the most influential presidents and politicians on the world stage during the last two decades. Now, Clinton uses his savvy to attack one of the country’s most pressing problems—the economy. His latest book, Back to Work: Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy, focuses on fixing the current economic crisis, job creation and building a sound financial future. Here, we’ve assembled a list of 10 key moments from Clinton’s presidency, some good, some bad, but all reminders of why this guy usually has something to say.

Bill clinton was a president singularly taken by the idea that making peace between Palestinians and Israelis was possible. He devoted a disproportionate amount of time and political capital to the search for a solution to the conflict. Even before the man he describes as his hero, Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli general turned prime minister, was assassinated in 1995, Clinton believed that he had been called to this cause. Uniting the children of Isaac and Ishmael, the warring sons of Abraham, was, for a Southern Baptist, too tempting a challenge to ignore. In 2000, he managed to bring the two sides close—infuriatingly close, in retrospect—to a final status agreement. But the two-week summit at Camp David that July, and subsequent rounds of negotiations between the Israeli prime minister, Ehud Barak, and the Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, failed to close the remaining gaps. In his very last weeks in office, Clinton was still trying for an agreement, presenting a set of ideas that came to be known as the Clinton Parameters, which set the framework for a final push. The Israelis accepted them, with reservations.

Randy P2 years ago
FACTS : 1St President since Nixon in 69, to Balance a Budget. First, since Harry Truman, to Balance Two. Only President, to Balance Four. 8 Year’s of Peace and Best Economy, in History. Look at Deficit when he took office, and Big Surplus, when he Left.Yet a few Moron’s, mention, (a after hour’s) Blowjob. Best 8 year’s, of my Life, Thanks BILL.

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