Analysis Iran Threatens the Saudi-U.S. Axis Without Taking Direct Responsibility


Iran and U.S. perched on warpath, and Israel will not go unscathed

The flow of news continues from the Persian Gulf at a rapid pace. On Tuesday, sites connected to the oil industries of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were reportedly hit for the second time this week.

And according to a New York Times report, the White House is considering military plans against Iran, one of which includes the dispatch to the region of a huge taskforce of 120,000 soldiers. (U.S. President Donald Trump denied the report on Tuesday.) Iran’s choice of targets is already causing unusual volatility in the oil market and is of concern to the Trump administration

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In the first attack, on Sunday night, there were explosions at two Saudi container ships, as well as at an Emirati and a Norwegian container ship, in the vicinity of the United Arab Emirates’ port. All of the huge ships sustained damage, but the explosions caused no casualties.

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US claims of Iran threat to coalition forces rejected by UK general

The attack, which came a few days after the Americans received intelligence warnings regarding plans for terrorist attacks on the oil industry, was clearly seen as an Iranian action, despite Iran’s counterclaim that it was a provocation on the part of a third country seeking to increase tensions U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communic

The prospect that this was an isolated incident of happenstance was dispelled on Tuesday morning with the report of an attack by unmanned Houthi Yemeni rebel aircraft against two oil-pumping facilities in Saudi Arabia. In this case, the rebels claimed responsibility.

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