Are Saudi’s and Turkey’s ‘inside agents,’ the downing of the Russian jet, and the Khashoggi case a plan to open new fronts in the region?

It is a multidimensional dark incident ranging from the U.S. to Europe, from Saudi’s internal power structure to the disintegration between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, from the redesign of the region to Saudi-Iran war scenarios, from the rapport between Qatar and Turkey, from the front planned to be opened in the Persian Gulf after the Syrian war to the U.S.-Israel-Egypt-Saudi Arabia-UAE axis.


|İbrahim Karagül|AIWA! NO!|None of Turkey’s issues are local. No issue, from the economy to security, from its internal power structure to regional and global developments, is a matter that starts and ends with Turkey. Those who get stuck up on certain developments and pursue revenge, those who are trying make personal gains through such incidents definitely have ulterior motives.

Everything from the pastor Andrew Brunson case to the Jamal Khashoggi issue, from the dollar attack to Manbij and the east of the Euphrates, from the multidimensional disputes between Turkey and the U.S. to the July 16, 2016 attack, from the tensions between Turkey and Saudi Arabia to those on the inside of the country who are trying to create areas of opposition and intervention through these developments, are multidimensional, multifaceted, multi-equational and certainly not limited entirely to Turkey’s “weaknesses.”

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James Mattis and MbS at the Pentagon in March. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Nobody should dare pursue the opportunity for ‘internal intervention’ in these incidents

A world in which no enmity or friendship is permanent is taking shape. A world in which no problem is local is shaping. Hence, nobody should speak conventionally. Every generalization will shortly contradict itself. There is no great country, great power left in the world. Every power can render bigger powers immobile, lock and detune it when it acts effectively.

While these realities are apparent, nobody should attempt “inside operations” and pursue political plans through cheap discourse, confuse the Turkish public’s mind and try to make them a target for new multinational interventions.

Khashoggi incident is not just a murder or abduction

The case of journalist Jamal Khashoggi is one of these multinational packages. It is in no way limited to just a murder, abduction or disabling an oppositional figure. It is in no way limited to Turkey and Saudi Arabia. It is in no way limited to the madness of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman or the personal plans of United Arab Emirates (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed.

It is a multidimensional dark incident ranging from the U.S. to Europe, from Saudi’s internal power structure to the disintegration between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, from the redesign of the region to Saudi-Iran war scenarios, from the rapport between Qatar and Turkey, from the front planned to be opened in the Persian Gulf after the Syrian war to the U.S.-Israel-Egypt-Saudi Arabia-UAE axis.

What will happen if the Khashoggi incident and the ‘dark scenarios’ behind it are not elucidated?

Thus, the Khashoggi murder must be elucidated at once. But the dark plans behind the incident must also be explained. What will happen if they are not explained? Preparations for a new intervention in Turkey will remain unexplained. Plans aimed at detaching Turkey and the Arab world will not be explained. The plans in the north of Syria, the nature of the Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi coup in Egypt will not have been explained. The kind of multinational project being planned after Syria, and how this project will spread shake the entire region will remain unforeseen.

Ankara and Riyadh should close Washington’s door to intervention

Turkey and Saudi Arabia must close all doors of the Khashoggi case calling on to international intervention and that aim to provoke both countries. The U.S.’s intervention in the case, sending its secretary of state, its “or we will punish you” discourse, the role of the Egyptian intelligence and the UAE in the incident are concerning and offer clues to the multinational intervention.

Every Western intervention is causing disputes, tensions, conflicts between countries of the region, and leading very grave regional problems. This has always been the case to date. No problem involving them could be solved; it remained in the dark and they applied other scenarios through this. Because they are the ones who largely set that game.

Turkey’s and Saudi Arabia’s ‘inside agents’ and the Russian jet issue

The countries of the region must particularly pay attention to their own internal structures, to those who take action in the multinational intervention front that is in question, and “inside agents.” Nowadays, this matter has become a greater urgency. A psychological operation, similar to the operation targeting public opinion that was started in Turkey as the Syria war was starting should not be allowed. Because we are direct witnesses of those multinational scenarios since the Gezi Park events, we know how they are done and this is why we should be in a state of alarm.

When we look at it in terms of Saudi Arabia, we see how the joint will of certain powerful circles with the U.S. and Israel is bringing disintegrations to both Saudi Arabia and the region, and how it is opening new areas of intervention. We also know how these circles especially work the “Fight Iran, be enemies with Turkey” theory, but that the scenario is actually directly aimed at destroying Saudi Arabia itself.

We saw that while the downing of the Russian jet was being promoted in Turkey as a “patriotic” act of defense, it was a scenario aimed at pitting Turkey and Russia against each other and finishing the job in Syria, to lead to the July 15 coup attempt, and leave Turkey isolated and defenseless.

The plan to pit Turkey and the Arab world against each other

A plan aimed at pitting Turkey and the Arab world against each other is being implemented. They are selling the “Ottoman fear” to work the “anti-Turkey sentiment” theory on Arab streets. This plan is a major destruction project aimed at our region.

New type Arab leader profiles are formed like Zayed and Salman, inciting them for this project. There is a desire to build a new wave of Arab nationalism and drag the Arab world into a war against Turkey and Iran.

These leaders have been pushed against Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in every area on the field. They are openly supporting shocking scenarios, including terrorism and coups. But Turkey has seen that this is a big Western plan. It grasped that this is part of the Western invasion targeting both Turkey and the entire region. Thus, it is acting extremely carefully and is waiting for the Arab world to see it too.

Wake up, we are all in the same boat!

The invasion of Iraq, the Syrian war, Daesh, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) project, July 15 and this new “Arab wave” are a part of the big scenario, the map operation that is aimed at our region a century later. The fronts from a century ago are being established. Yet, contrary to popular belief, we are all in the same boat.

This project swallowed Iraq and Syria. Now it is targeting Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran. If their conflict and confrontation plans between these three big countries succeed, the entire region will collapse. The map operation in the east of the Euphrates is part of this. A buffer zone, a wall is being built between Turkey and the Arab world. Saudi Arabia and Turkey must work together to negate this.

The Arab-Iran war must be prevented, the ‘Muslim civil war’ plan must be negated

However, there are those in both the Arab world and inside Turkey that have hidden agendas within this context. All overt and covert operations are known. It is associated with the new opposition and intervention operation in Turkey and the anti-Turkey Arab wave.

They were both planned and are being implemented as the sub-elements of the Western invasion, and the new region plans. There is no enmity among the people here. Certain groups are preparing the psychological infrastructure of pitting us against one another and setting up new games.

Walls should not be allowed to be built between Ankara, Riyadh and Tehran. This is not our fight but theirs. Let us not destroy our country for the war of others. Let us not fall into the traps of a century ago again.

They are making preparations for a ‘Muslim civil war.’ Very soon they are going to submerge the Persian Gulf in war for this purpose. They are going to implant the war in the heart of Islam. Right at this time, they want to render Turkey immobile.

The Russian jet and preparations before the Syria war are very important

Personally, I do not believe in any stance superior to that of Turkey and its regional struggle. For the last few years I have been watching the “inside operations” along the Saudi Arabia-Iran-Turkey axis. I tried to tell everyone, but was unsuccessful. They are being implemented through Mohammed bin Zayed, and the Riyadh administration was entrapped.

I ask myself whether there could be a new Russian jet scenario. This matter is critical. I remember the scenario at the start of the Syria war, which was played out on the field and took many hostages. In one of them, Turkey and Russia were going to be made to clash. In the other, Syria was destroyed. What we need to find out is who set up the game and how they are playing it

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