Australia and others ask for Brexit trade compensation

A number of countries say Brexit could leave them with a smaller opportunity to export agricultural goods into Europe and Britain.

Fifteen countries, including Australia, the US and China have asked for trade compensation from the UK and EU over Brexit disruption.

Australia is the first country to formally complain and seek redress at a World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting over so-called “tariff rate quotas”, which limit the quantity of goods allowed to come into the European market at reduced or zero tariffs.

With Britain leaving the EU, these quotas have to be divided between the two sides. The UK is scheduled to exit the EU on 31 January.

Countries including Australia have asked for trade compensation from the UK and the EU over Brexit disruption.

Fifteen countries, including the US, India and New Zealand, have been setting out Brexit concerns at a World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting in Geneva.

Australian officials said their beef and lamb exporters had already been hit after several Brexit delays.

Brazil said Brexit plans for Northern Ireland could breach WTO rules.

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