Barack Obama Beats Donald Trump In Twitter 2018 Showdown

But Trump did take the top spot in one category of the social media platform’s annual roundup.

LEE MORAN, HUFFPOST|AIWA! NO!|Former President Barack Obama features high in Twitter’s most “liked” and quoted tweets of 2018.

President Donald Trump doesn’t. But the incumbent in the White House did scoop the title of “most tweeted about political figure” in the U.S. in the social media platform’s annual roundup, which it released Wednesday.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise, however, given the amount of “executive time” Trump dedicates to bashing rivals and hyping up allies on his favorite social network.

President Donald Trump is the “most tweeted about political figure” of the year while former President Barack Obama has tweets that rank high in the “most liked” and “most quoted” categories.

Obama’s inspirational tweet in February about the March For Our Lives gun control rally took second spot in this year’s “most liked” tweets category, behind a video of K-pop group BTS doing the #InMyFeelingsChallenge.

Young people have helped lead all our great movements. How inspiring to see it again in so many smart, fearless students standing up for their right to be safe; marching and organizing to remake the world as it should be. We’ve been waiting for you. And we’ve got your backs.

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A tweet containing a GIF of Obama dropping the microphone, alongside a request to “quote this with your unpopular opinion,” was the most quoted post over the year.

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365 days.
125 million hashtags.
500 million GIFs.
More @BTS_twt mentions than we can count.#ThisHappened on Twitter in 2018:

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Fox News was the most tweeted about news outlet, “Black Panther” the most mentioned movie and Fortnite the most referenced video game.

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