Berlin New Year Fireworks madness: WATCH incredible panoramic video of New Year’s Eve celebrations

© Screenshot / Ruptly

|AIWA! NO!|An amazing 360-degree video from downtown Berlin captures flashy moments as jubilant crowds celebrate New Year’s Eve – the only time Germans are allowed to set off fireworks in public without a permit.

A dashcam-style video filmed by Ruptly takes viewers on a thrilling ride through the epicenter of the partying in the German capital.

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Bright and colorful lights illuminate the dark skies from all angles, as Berliners can be seen dancing, lighting various types of fireworks, and holding large flares.

Some fireworks are deployed with risky trajectories. The sparkling shells can be seen being ejected too low from the ground and exploding near cars and people. But the partiers don’t seem to be distracted by that.

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