Bolton reacts to Brexit and Theresa May facing no confidence vote

Joseph Timan  josephtiman, BOLTON NEWS|AIWA! NO!|AS the drama over Brexit reaches new heights this week, people in Bolton town centre have expressed their frustration at the chaos that has descended in Westminster.

A vote on a withdrawal agreement was supposed to take place in parliament yesterday but was postponed.

The Prime Minister has struggled to gain enough support for the deal she has negotiated and is due to return to Brussels for further talks.

Tonight, Theresa May faces a vote of no confidence from her own party.

Many in Bolton town centre today were fed up and few were willing to hazard a guess about what will happen next.

The Bolton News:

Peter of Bromwich Street described the current situation as an “absolute disgrace”.

He said: “I think we should have another referendum. I didn’t vote before. I couldn’t vote last time because I was in Malta. But I would have voted to stay anyway, and I would vote to stay now. 

“A lot of people voted to leave because they promised them this money with the NHS and immigration laws, but they have not changed whatsoever.”

He thinks there should be another referendum because promises made to voters have been broken.

The Bolton News:

Joanne of Chorley Old Road also wants another vote.

She said: “I think at the moment it’s an absolute nonsense. Nobody knows what anybody wants and nobody is making any decision.

“The fact that the Prime Minister is going to a vote of no confidence today, is probably the right thing to be doing at the moment. 

“I voted to remain so consequently I would like another vote.

“I think after all the messing that’s been going on, I think a lot more people would choose to remain because it’s looking like if we leave, we’re going to have more problems.”

The Bolton News:

Tony of Derby Street said: “It’s dragged on now for nearly two years. I think democracy is dead in this country now if we don’t adhere to a vote.

“It’s never going to work. We’ve got a government of Remainers trying to negotiate Brexit.”

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