Boris Johnson’s general election poll lead over Labour narrows to six points as the Liberal Democrats and Brexit Party get squeezed and lose ground


  • New Survation poll has the Tories on 35 per cent and Labour Party on 29 per cent
  • Latest survey puts Tories up one per cent while Labour Party is up three per cent
  • Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats are back on 17 per cent, down two per cent
  • Brexit Party is down two points on 10 per cent as two main parties squeeze rivals 
  • Poll was conducted before Nigel Farage announced his new pro-Tory strategy 

Boris Johnson‘s general election poll lead over Jeremy Corbyn has narrowed to six points as support for the Liberal Democrats and Brexit Party went backwards.

A new Survation survey carried out when the election campaign formally got underway last week puts the Conservative Party on 35 per cent and Labour on 29 per cent.

The Tories are up one per cent in that poll while Labour jumped three per cent when compared with the previous survey conducted at the end of October.

But while Mr Johnson and Mr Johnson continue to gain momentum the Lib Dems and Brexit Party appear to be heading in the wrong direction. The fieldwork for the latest survey was conducted between November 6-8 – the first three days of the election campaign proper and before Nigel Farage announced he will give the Tories a clear run in 317 seats.

The Survation poll puts the Lib Dems on 17 per cent, down two points on the previous survey, while the Brexit Party is now on 10 per cent, also down two points.

The poll suggests that the two smaller parties are being squeezed by their larger rivals in the run up to December 12.

A similar pattern was seen at the 2017 general election as the Conservatives and Labour gradually won support during the campaign as they both polled in the high thirties and even low forties.