Boris Johnson’s Parliament Suspension Prompts Growing Backlash, The Weak Suffer What They Must



British constitutional crisis – outrage, tinpot dictatorsip all from a man who is less than a month in office, with a mandate of a miserly 0.3 percent vote – TORY membership vote//CRIMSON TAZVINZWA


LONDON — Britain’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, faced a growing and angry backlash on Thursday as his decision to suspend Parliament next month prompted protests and legal challenges, and political opponents scrambled to salvage efforts to stop a disorderly  Brexit.


© Daniel Sorabji/AFP/Getty Images
Demonstrators hold placards as they protest outside of Downing Street on Aug. 28.


The normally fractious opposition swiftly united in outrage at Mr. Johnson’s maneuver on Wednesday, which brought protesters onto the streets in London and other cities across the country, while an online petition against the action drew well over a million signatures.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain on Wednesday cut short the time lawmakers have to debate his Brexit plans, announcing that he had asked the queen to suspend Parliament days after lawmakers return to work from a break, and just weeks before a looming Brexit deadline.

The move, which limits legislative time before Britain’s planned Oct. 31 withdrawal from the European Union, drew immediate criticism from the opposition — and some lawmakers within Mr. Johnson’s own Conservative Party — and caused the British pound to plunge.

The move also strained relations within Mr. Johnson’s Conservative Party and prompted claims from critics that the government was trampling the conventions of the country’s unwritten Constitution, undermining its democracy.