Boris’s prorogation of parliament Let Down The Queen; Historian Hennessy

borisPrime Minister Boris Johnson Considers Poll To Force No-Deal BREXIT Through///CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

It is not unlawful but clearly a break with convention and political tradition on how to  behave like a stateman – a  Prime Minister.

Boris knew what he was doing. This was a political strategy. The PM is soundly aware, an well informed; since he is the Queen’s Senior political advisor she could not say no to the planned prorogation of parliament; and Her Majesty is not required to verbalise her misgivings or political opinion in the public sphere …’muted’. 

The ‘Golden Triangle’, in the words of historian Peter Hennessy, surely could have met to advise the monarch on what she should do regarding prorogation of parliament. The Triangle comprises the Queen’s private secretary, Edward Young, the prime minister’s private secretary, Peter Hill, and the Cabinet secretary and head of the civil service, Mark Sedwill.

Nonetheless the Queen is ideologically non-aligned and has no policy position in British politics, cannot air opinion; cannot suggest otherwise.

And this has glaringly opened The British Monarchy to political manipulation; which apparently has just happened due to the Prime Minister’s reckless and mindless political behaviour.

Thanks to HIM for confirming The Queen as head pf state is both merely titular and ceremonial.

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