Brexit at last! Or is it Brexit delayed? What now?

Theresa May has ruled out a third Commons vote on her Brexit deal on Tuesday.

Theresa May: No third vote on Brexit deal yet

CRIMSON TAZVINZWA, AIWA! NO!|I have been doing the ‘up and down and about’ in Leicester of late; cannot help but notice grave weary faces whose carriages – bodies squeaking along; apparently snared into this Brexit or not Brexit derriere labeled
Frankenstein’s monster  by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

The cacophony of messages born on the numerous faces I see downtime is unmistakably that of perpetual gloom and depression despite the arriving of spring with its typical glorious skies.

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A fault not of their own really. Of course not.

It has taken a good two years and counting, yet it is only four days to would have been Brexit Day.

And then what?

Alas! Our politicians squandered the golden two years deliberating and squabbling about the ‘Brexit curriculum’ that no one among the number bothered to deliver and assess. And here we are. Four days from my ‘not to be Brexit‘.

Brexit is never late but delayed. So Article 50 has been extended a short period of time; is it some time in June or April or both – confusing dating anyway. So Prime Minister Theresa May has to still soldier on; understandably in the absence of a coterie of her chauvinistic sellout‘conservatory’ colleagues; each with their grandiose but myopic agendas and schemes which all boil down to dangerous levels of nihilism.

Brexit delayed - what happens now?
Brexit delayed – what happens now?

If all elements were constant there would already have been euphoria jam on streets across Britain. Parties and ‘national car honking week’ in the build-up to this seismic and historic; faithful and fateful cataclysm doomsday.

Against all the odds Britain would have arguably and successfully disentangled itself from the EU – in other words Brexited; may be not in as dramatic a fashion as the name suggests – BREXIT = BOLT.

There would have been a new and demanding problem though.

What are we going to replace the word, so fondly referred to as BREXIT with?

It is a brewed scandal, isn’t it? The word that has so as comfortably secured a spot as the most spoken across the United Kingdom, Europe and United States.

Almost becoming synonymous with the British weather cheap talk.

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