Brexit news: Nigel Farage delivered a brilliant reply to when Brexit will ‘end’, predicts 31 October watershed moment for his Brexit Party

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Brexit Party leader delivered a brilliant reply after he was asked when would “end” by Piers Morgan. It comes as candidates who have put themselves forward for the Conservative Party leadership have been quizzed over whether they would be willing to pull the UK out of the EU without a deal at the end of October. Mr Farage said: “I tell you where it will end, October 31 is the big looming date, as was March 29.

“That is going to be in people’s brains as the date we must absolutely leave the European Union.

“I saw Boris yesterday saying ‘oh if I am leader we are leaving on October 31’.

“I tell you what if Boris wins and he marches his troops to the top of the hill with the expectation we are leaving on October 31, and then we don’t and march back down again.

“I think in those circumstances, I think in a future general election, the Brexit Party would produce a result, even more stunning than it did in the European elections.”

He finished by saying: “It really is in their hands.”

Nigel Farage and Piers Morgan

It really is in their hands

Nigel Farage

Mr Farage was also asked if he was tasked with the job, how the UK can deliver Brexit “given the way Parliament is structured”.

He replied: “I think you had a clue what a brand new party, that was six weeks old, won the Elections getting 50 percent more votes than any other party. If I could do that with the Brexit Party in six weeks, it shows you what the potential is.

“There is no question that if we are going to leave on October 31, we need a leader who has got vision.

“A leader that says ‘the withdrawal agreement was rubbish, we are getting rid of it’, giving notice to Brussels, taking control of the negotiations, and making it clear, we are leaving on whatever terms they may be on October 31.

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