Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe references slavery in her European Parliament maiden speech

The newly-elected MEP used her maiden speech in the European Parliament to say that “Britain is right to be leaving this place”.

Nigel Farage facing some stiff competition as chief clown of the Brexit Party in the . By the way, when Widdecombe talks about “colonies liberating themselves from their empires”, is she really referring to the American Revolution of 1776?

“There is a pattern consistent throughout history of oppressed people turning on the oppressors. Slaves against their owners. The peasantry against the feudal barons.”  Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe makes her maiden speech in the European Parliament.

  1. Widdecombe gives her 1st EP speech & it’s fiery: ‘If I needed any convincing at all the best thing for Britain is to leave here ASAP it was the way those elections were conducted. If that’s this place’s idea of democracy that’s a serious betrayal of every country represented…

  2. ‘It’s not democratic at all and that is just one of many reasons why Britain is right to be leaving this place, hopefully on Halloween. It is right because there is a pattern consistent throughout history of oppressed people turning on the oppressors…

  3. ‘Slaves against their owners, the peasantry against the feudal barons, colonies Mr Verhofstadt against their empires, and that is why Britain is leaving. And it doesn’t matter which language you use – we are going and we are glad to be going…

  4. ‘I represent the South West of the UK and I found on my first day that this place, at least the powers that be, have decided to actually increase the size of fishermen’s meshes, thereby reducing their income by 40%. That’s what you do here…

  5. …Widdecome signs off to cheers from her Brexit party MEPs and noisy heckles from the rest of the chamber: ‘That’s why we’re going. Nous allons. Wir gehen. We’re off!’

  6. The great Ann Widdecombe kicks off for in the chamber of the European Parliament today, the 4th July. We voted for our independence from this Empire – we want it now

    It is disgusting that Ann Widdecombe would reference slavery and colonisation to describe our relationship with the EU. Her and Farage are bankrolled by elites – she’s part of the establishment which has created such a divide in this country.


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