Brexit Party supporters say they are ‘going off’ Nigel Farage over new position

Nigel Farage is mocked up to wear Steve Bray's 'stop Brexit' hat after calling for another extension. Photograph: Chris Barker/Twitter.
Nigel Farage is mocked up to wear Steve Bray’s ‘stop Brexit’ hat after calling for another extension. Photograph: Chris Barker/Twitter.

Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal has caused divisions in the Brexit Party – with some supporters criticising Nigel Farage for wanting an extension to avoid leaving on the prime minister’s terms.

Farage’s criticism of the deal is that it was “95% the same as Mrs May’s” and “the second worst deal in history”. Without a hint of irony he also accused the European Research Group faction of the Conservatives of “putting party before country”.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sunday on Sky News, he defended his demands for an extension to prolong the Brexit negotiations. He said: “I want a general election, so an extension for a few weeks into which we can have a general election is a much better outcome than signing up to a treaty that becomes part of international law that binds us in foreign policy and in many, many other areas.

“We are going to have to be on a level playing field with the rest of Europe which means we still haven’t taken back control of our laws – this is not Brexit,” he added.

“Its a new EU treaty, it binds us. All it does is take us on to the next stage of negotiations.”

But his comments have sparked fury from pro-Brexit supporters as well as those that support his Brexit Party organisation.

Jackie P, who now claims to be a ‘Boris Backer’, told him that he clearly doesn’t “want to leave”. She continued: “MEPs live a luxurious lifestyle it is easy to see the addictive nature of it. MEP like Sheffield for example!”

“I’m a fan Nigel, but I think it’s time to back this deal. No deal will never happen,” said Mike Elsworthy.

“I’m going right off you Nigel we need to b [sic] supporting Boris and get out of EU,” wrote John Cunningham.

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