BREXIT REVOLT: I don’t care what my Brexit stance costs me, I’ll keep on opposing it – Anna Soubry

As the Brexit process treads water, we’ve decided to stand back and ask some poignant questions: does Brexit matter in the big scheme of things? Is it virtually irrelevant beside the forces that are shaping our changing world?

CRIMSON TAZVINZWA, AIWA! NO!|Theresa May’s authority is in shreds after Parliament seized control of Brexit with the help of three ministers who resigned to vote against the Government.

MPs voted by 329 to 302 in favour of a plan by Remain-supporting MPs for a temporary takeover of the Commons that will enable them to decide their own way forward.

The Tories live in a PERMANENT FANTASY of themselves as inheritors, of some imaginary Imperial legacy; which they can only fool themselves into believing by EXPLOITING the very people that they are charged to SERVE and CARE FOR..!!    ...with many Tory MPs and even Cabinet Ministers PROFITING PERSONALLY, by holding various interests and investments which stand CONTRARY TO THE WELFARE OF THE BRITISH PEOPLE..!!
I remember a British newspaper headline many years ago: “Storm in the Channel. The continent is isolated!”.

Jetze Nijeboer2 ….I’ve noticed that there are quite some Brexiteers who seem to believe that there is something inherently wrong with the fact that germany has become a more powerfull nation than the UK. Unfortunately for them though, it isn’t very realistic to expect the germans to shrink their economy, only not to offend some english blokes.

MP Anna Soubry insists she’s putting her country first, even if it means she could not return home at the weekend because of “death threats”, adding she also felt frightened for the safety of her partner and children.

The MP for Broxtowe, who left the Conservatives to join the Independent Group, made her remarks after Tory Brexiteer Bill Grant said the number of those who marched in favour of a second EU referendum and had backed a petition to revoke Article 50 fell short of the 17.4 million who voted Leave.

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