BREXIT: UK headed for #Brexit delay and second referendum – #Farage

Former UKIP Leader and Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage

Former UKIP Leader and Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage predicts second referendum as he blasts Theresa May’s failed Brexit deal

Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage (pictured) said on Wednesday (16 January) he thought Britain was heading for a delay to its scheduled March 29 exit from the European Union and probably would hold a fresh referendum on the country’s membership of the EU, writes William Schomberg.

|AIWA! NO!|Prime Minister Theresa May suffered a resounding defeat on her Brexit plan in parliament on Tuesday (15 January).

“I think and I fear that we are headed on a path towards delay and probably, yes, a second vote,” Farage, who pushed for the Brexit referendum of 2016 as leader of the UK Independence Party, told Sky News television.

Nigel Farage has predicted a second referendum while blasting Theresa May‘s “surrender document” Brexit deal after its Commons failure.

The former UKIP leader commented on the situation from Strasbourg, where he and other Members of European Parliament are meeting on Wednesday.

Calling for the PM’s resignation, stating if she had any “honour” she would quit, he expressed his concerns that there will be a push for a new Brexit vote.

“I think and I fear we are headed on a path towards delays and probably a second vote,” he told Sky News.

Expressing what he feels should happen, he said that the legal remit states Britain is leaving on March 29, and he “prays” this will be the case.

However, in a second TV interview with Good Morning Britain he said: “I fear we will get an extension of Article 50 and what you will hear is voices in Westminster pushing for a second referendum.”

Mr Farage, one of the most prominent voices in the Leave campaign leading up to the 2016 referendum, also shared his view that the public does not want this and it is instead a move from Parliament.

Blasting the failed deal, he told Good Morning Britain: “It resembled a surrender document of a nation that has been beaten in war. It was that bad.”

Theresa May’s deal was likened to a “surrender document” by Nigel Farage (AFP/Getty Images)

In terms of going forward, he voiced his opinion Britain should leave on World Trade Organisation rules and thinks the EU would negotiate further with Britain if it decided to simply leave on no deal.

On the Prime Minister, he said: “There is still time, Brexit is not the problem, the Prime Minister is. She needs to go.”

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn during PMQs in the Commons
Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn during PMQs in the Commons

Mr Farage’s comments come alongside multiple calls for Article 50 to be extended, particularly from pro-Europeans and advocates of a so-called people’s vote.

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