Brexit “wrong” lead over “right” in double figures at record level; YouGov Tracker Poll Finds

|AIWA! NO!|With the political process of the UK leaving the EU completely dominating the headlines the latest YouGov brexit tracker has unwelcome news for those who want to follow the referendum result.

The figures are in the chart above. 49% believe that in hindsight it was wrong to vote to leave the EU with 38% saying it was right.

The question has been asked several times a month by YouGov in exactly the same form since the referendum in 2016 and this, by far, is the biggest lead lead for “wrong” and it’s the first time that those believing that Brexit was right is below 40%.

This trend chart from the Times has just been published.

This will give heart to those MPs at Westminster who are pressing for a second referendum.

Mike Smithson

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