Britain won’t pay £39bn Brexit ‘divorce’ bill if there is no deal, Raab insists as he ramps up pressure on Brussels

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© Provided by Independent Digital News & Media LimitedBritain will not pay its £39billion “divorce” bill if a Brexit deal is refused, Dominic Raab has insisted as he stepped up pressure on Brussels to accept the Chequers plan
AIWA! NO!//The Brexit Secretary’s tough talking comes after Prime Minister Theresa May made clear that without a deal the UK’s “position changes” on the exit settlement.

Ramping up the pressure further on the bloc, Mr Raab said “there is no deal without the whole deal” ahead of his crunch talks with Michel Barnier later on Thursday.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he said the Government wanted to reach a good agreement, but added: “It will require our EU friends to match the ambition and pragmatism we have demonstrated.

“If that doesn’t happen, the UK will manage the challenges of no-deal, so we make a success of Brexit.”

The Brexit Secretary also accused people who warned about shortages of food and medicines after a no-deal withdrawal of “scaremongering”.

ERG chair Jacob Rees-Mogg earlier described the proposal as a “dying duck in a thunderstorm” in an interview with Channel 4 News.

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The move to release a fresh raft of technical Brexit papers comes amid speculation leaving the EU without a solid agreement could see the return of levies for using mobile devices on the continent.

The pro-Europe Best for Britain campaign said the re-imposition of roaming charges could cost business people visiting the EU up to £778 a month.

Other areas covered by the documents will include the impact of a no deal scenario on standards relating to the environment and vehicles.

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The papers will be published after a special meeting of the Cabinet focused on how a no deal outcome could be handled. It comes after Boris Johnson, centre, launched a fresh attack on Mrs May’s Brexit plan

Mr Raab, who will hold talks with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier in Brussels on Friday, said: “With six months to go until the UK leaves the European Union, we are stepping up our ‘no deal’ preparations so that Britain can continue to flourish, regardless of the outcome of negotiations.

“These technical notices are part and parcel of our sensible, pragmatic approach to preparing for all outcomes.

“Getting a deal with the European Union is still by far and away the most likely outcome, and I will continue to champion our Chequers proposals with Michel Barnier as the best way of securing the deep and special partnership we want with the EU.”

Liberal Democrat MP and Best for Britain supporter Layla Moran said: “The cost of a hard Brexit on British travellers is becoming abundantly clear.

“Millions of people are facing higher costs to make calls and texts abroad because of the Prime Minister’s botched Brexit plans.”

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