British Children’s Author Philip Pullman’s ‘Kill Boris’ Tweet ‘hideous’; Tory MP Robert Courts

British Children's Author Philip Pullman's ‘Kill Boris’ Tweet ‘hideous’; Tory MP Robert Courts
British Children’s Author Philip Pullman’s ‘Kill Boris’ Tweet ‘hideous’; Tory MP Robert Courts

Boris Johnson fury after tweet suggesting PM be killed with ‘rope and lamp-post’//CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

Kids author Philip Pullman has sparked outrage after appearing to suggest the Prime Minister should be killed.

The award winning writer shocked Twitter users with a bizarre rant just months before the BBC adaptation of His Dark Materials is screened.

Phillip Pullman’s controversial tweet which appears to urge the killing of Prime Minister Boris Johnson over a potential no deal Brexit has been criticised as hideous and a campaign of violence.

In the tweet author Pullman said: “When I hear the name Boris Johnson, for some reason the words ‘rope’ and nearest lamppost come to mind as well.’ Mr Pullman’s message comes just before the BBC’s adaptation of the writer’s ‘His Dark Materials’ is aired.

Conservative lawmaker Robert Courts said: You always know that people have lost an argument when they resort to ‘hideous language  and abuse like this.”

Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament Sarah Wollaston said: “No one should give a scrap of incitement to violence.”

Mr Pullman has since apologised; and the provocative tweet has been deleted.

In a statement the 72-year-old writer said: “Recent events have aroused my anger to the point where I temporarily lost my judgement.”

The latest fray occurs just when the BBC upheld companies over Jo Brand’s ‘battery acid’ joke at Nigel Farage on radio 4 arguing it “went beyond what is appropriate.”

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