British Soldier ‘stabbed’ while jogging outside London Calvary Barracks – Hounslow

Met Police are treating the attack as a suspected robbery and are still hunting for those responsible (Image: GETTY)

UK – Soldier has ‘acid thrown in face’ outside London Army Barracks

Police launched a manhunt after the Irish guardsman, based at Cavalry Barracks, Hounslow, was targeted in a suspected robbery on Tuesday night.The victim in his 30s was left with a bleeding torso and had to stripped down while firefighters hosed him down.

He was left hospitalised following the brutal assault and their are concerns his vision will be affected.

A witness says the attack had echoes of the fatal assault of Lee Rigby.

He said: “‘He was just out for a run. He wasn’t in Army gear or clothes that suggested he was Forces.

‘Not far from his base, three men jumped him and he had something sprayed in his face and his arm and stomach were cut. Cops are certain it’s not terror and everyone on the base is being told it’s not terror but it’s hard not to think of Lee Rigby when something like this happens.

‘Officers say it was a robbery gone wrong. There have been similar incidents in the area.’

Police say officers are still trying to track down those responsible.

A Metropolitan Police statement said: “Police were called to Hounslow Heath, Hounslow at 4.35pm on Tuesday October 29 following reports of a noxious substance attack.

“Officers, the London Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade attended and found a man aged in his 30s, suffering from facial injuries and slash wounds to the upper body.’

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