British yellow vest protesters demanding ‘true Brexit’ plan ‘day of action’ in London

DISRUPTION: Protesters brought traffic to a standstill on Tower Bridge on Friday (Pic: RPMAIN)
DISRUPTION: Protesters brought traffic to a standstill on Tower Bridge on Friday (Pic: RPMAIN)

EUROSCEPTIC protesters demanding a “true Brexit” are planning to descend on London for a “day of action” in unison with the yellow vest demonstrations sweeping France.

Joshua Nevett, DAILY START|AIWA! NO!|Pro-Brexit campaigners are urging fellow protesters to “bring your vest and join us” at 1pm on Parliament Square for demonstrations against the “Westminster elite”.

A Facebook event hosted by activist James Goddard includes a rallying cry to “make history” by occupying central London after bringing “mass rebellion to the capital” on Friday. 

Hundreds of people have shown interest in attending the event which has been widely shared on social media by blogs carrying posts about grooming gangs and right-wing activist Tommy Robinson.

The event organisers appear to be linked with the protesters who stormed three bridges – Westminster Bridge, Tower Bridge and Waterloo Bridge – in central London on Friday. 

A group of around 60 demonstrators gathered outside the Houses of Parliament before blocking vehicles from passing on London Bridge. 

After being ushered away by police, their next target was Downing Street, where they chanted pro-Brexit songs and “you’re not British anymore”.

Protesters then brought traffic to a standstill on Tower Bridge, where they had heated verbal exchanges with pedestrians and motorists. 

Demonstrators, some of whom waving placards with pro-Brexit messages, later amassed outside the Royal Courts of Justice and then Waterloo Bridge. 

The group, which calls itself “Fighting for Justice”, was established in response to the deaths of teeagers George Wilkinson, Josh McGuinness and Harry Rice.

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