LABOUR Party’s Shadow Justice Secretary and MP for Leeds East, Richard Burgon on Iran, antisemitism and tolerance; plus Hammond resignation

Richard Burgon, Shadow Justice Secretary and MP for Leeds East, talked about a potential conflict with Iran, Labour candidate Ali Milani and Gloria de Piero not standing for reselection///Sienna Rodgers


On how the UK should react to Iranians seizing UK-flagged ship: “It’s unacceptable for those vessels to be seized and they should be released but what we need to avoid… is a kind of escalation and being dragged in by Donald Trump to something which could be very dangerous indeed.”

On a potential conflict: “If we end up in a conflict backed by Donald Trump, I think it would not only be comparable with Iraq, in fact it could be even worse than Iraq, and that should really scare everybody.”

Uxbridge, Boris Johnson’s marginal seat

On Labour candidate Ali Milani’s tweets: “Quite rightly he’s apologised for those tweets and those tweets are disgraceful. He did them when he was a teenager. He’s been on a programme of learning since then.”

“I don’t think he should be prevented from being a Labour candidate because of tweets that he’s apologised for that he sent when he was a teenager.”

Gloria de Piero, who said: “A lack of tolerance for different viewpoints in the Labour Party frankly worries me”…

“She feels that her speech and her explanation to her members has been mischievously misrepresented by the press.”

“The Labour Party is a broad church. It’s a coalition of socialists, social democrats, trade unionists and other progressives and long may it continue to be that.”

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