Jesus In Beijing: How Christianity Is Transforming China And Changing The Global Balance Of Power

Dr. David Aikman, veteran TIME magazine senior correspondent and Beijing bureau chief details the story of China’s enormously rapid conversion to Christianity and what this change means to the global balance of power|CRIMSON TAZVINZWA||


Xi’s China is replacing the U.S. as the dominant military force in Asia

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has refashioned the People’s Liberation Army into a force that’s rapidly closing the gap on U.S. firepower — and in some vital areas has surpassed it. The American victory over China in a regional war is no longer assured.

China’s new Silk Road project and South Asia

Italy sign on to China’s ‘One belt, One Road

China hails ‘historic’ Europe trip as Xi signs billion-dollar deals with France, BRI with Italy —
Tasha Wibawa

Chinese President Xi Jinping is wrapping up his overseas jaunt of the year, visiting Europe on a mission to strengthen Beijing’s ties to the region.