U.S. Senate Condemns Deepening Israel-China Ties, Cites ‘Serious Security Concerns’

By ELLEN LAIPSON//The conventional truth that US-Israeli relations are solid, sustainable and largely impervious to American partisan differences is mostly correct. But it’s worth considering whether some important shifts in Israel’s foreign-policy priorities will have an impact on its bonds with Washington. Over time, Israel’s leaders may find ties to major Asian countries at least of equal value and at most an acceptable alternative to its long-standing Western orientation.

Two years ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced during a visit to Singapore a “pivot to Asia,” an amusing echo of the Obama-era pivot that was much maligned and misunderstood. (It was criticized as proof that the Middle East would be abandoned, and for the appearance that it focused more on military cooperation with Asian countries wary of China, rather than a more three-dimensional engagement with the rising powers of the East.) For Israel, the announcement was a rhetorical flourish for a reality that had been evolving over many years.


Israel’s Netanyahu Knows It’s Over?

Avigdor Lieberman,Yisrael Beiteinu party, brought down Netanyahu, pretends he’s a champion of religious freedom and a fighter against Jewish fundamentalism//CRIMSON TAZVINZWA//

Netanyahu may win the new election but it will be too late to push through the High Court override and the immunity from prosecution: Who will sign a coalition agreement with someone on his political deathbed.

After Prime Minister Netanyahu failed to form a governing coalition by the deadline, the Knesset voted Wednesday night to dissolve itself and hold an election once again, just seven weeks after the previous one.

ISRAELI Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Suffers One of the Biggest Losses of His Political Career

After Netanyahu Fails to Form Government, Israel to Hold New Election
Prime minister failed to mediate between Lieberman and ultra-Orthodox parties, sending Israel to its second election in six months

Australian government claims ‘miracle’ election win

 PM heads to church, football after ‘miracle’ election//Lidia Kelly, Barrett/REUTERSAustralian PM heads to church, football after ‘miracle’ election//Lidia Kelly, Barrett/REUTERS

MELBOURNE/SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison thanked his fellow Pentecostal churchgoers on Sunday after a miraculous election victory that defied years of unfavourable opinion polls and bruised a Labor opposition that had been widely expected to win.

Austria’s Far-right Vice-chancellor Resigns Over Video Scandal

Israeli spin doctor rocks Austria with ‘anti-Semitic’ campaign against chancellor candidate

Leaked video purportedly shows Heinz-Christian Strache, leader of Austria’s Freedom Party, trying to make corrupt deals and bragging of ‘Israeli friends’ with close ties to Netanyahu.

The Austrian embrace: How Kurz’s far-right government is wooing Israel to end boycott of Freedom Party
In Austria’s elections, the fight against anti-Semitism has turned nasty
Austria’s vice-chancellor, Heinz-Christian Strache, resigned Saturday following the release of a video showing him attempting to make corrupt deals with a woman pretending to be representative of a Russian oligarch. The resignation is sending Austria to snap elections, the news agency APA reported.