UK Black Friday: a megre 1 in 20 discount deals are genuine, research finds

After surveying 83 products from last year’s Black Friday sales, the company concluded that most of the items were available at a cheaper or comparable price at other times of the year. While it’s a questionable practice, Which? stressed it’s not in breach of any sales laws. Retailers cited in the study include John Lewis, Currys and Amazon. Should retailers be more transparent about their Black Friday discounts?


World Leaders Condemn President Trump’s Attacks On Black Congresswomen

World leaders decry Trump’s attacks on congresswomen of color//CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

President Trump claims Sadiq Khan “is a DISASTER” & Re-Tweets Katie Hopkins!

The US president retweeted a post by former reality TV star Katie Hopkins, who took a screenshot of one of the messages//By Chris Robertson and Emily Mee, news reporters

EDDIE Murphy’s ‘Coming to America’ Sequel to Finally Arrive; Paramount Sets a Summer 2020 Release Date

Paramount is feeling confident about their long-in-the-works sequel, Coming to America 2. The original 1988 comedy that saw Eddie Murphy‘s Prince Akeem head to America with his servant Semmi (Arsenio Hall) will get a second chapter next year as the studio has set an August 7, 2020 release. With that date announced, an official production start date and cast reveal shouldn’t be too awful far behind, especially since the team will want to get the cameras rolling sooner than later/BY DAVE TRUMBORE

Harriet Tubman mural, photo of 3-year-old girl ‘high-fiving’ the image goes viral

A photograph showing a three-year-old girl giving a high-five to a mural of Harriet Tubman, the African American abolitionist who led hundreds of people out of slavery, is making the rounds on social media – Crimson Tazvinzwa

In the photo, the young girl, named Lovie, can be seen high-fiving Tubman’s extended hand in the painting.

A post from journalist Yashar Ali featuring the photo has already racked up nearly 12,000 likes since it was shared on Twitter over the weekend.