Iranian-born candidate attempts to create UK history by bringing down prime minister in 12 December 2018 General election

The UK political history books may well have to be ripped up as a 25 year-old Iranian-born candidate tries to topple Boris Johnson in his constituency in the upcoming election. Can the unthinkable happen?


Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan will tear apart the United Kingdom

Tony Blair’s first visit outside London after his election landslide in May 1997 was to the Royal Ulster Agricultural Show in Balmoral, near Belfast. Among the prize bulls, he tried to reassure unionists that they were safe under a Labour government, and in his speech he said: ‘“None of us in this hall today, even the youngest, is likely to see Northern Ireland as anything but a part of the United Kingdom.” It worked. Now, after Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, the unionists can no longer be so sure.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson awaits EU decision on Brexit extension after timetable delay; general election imminent

Boris Johnson is awaiting news on a Brexit extension from the EU after a defeat over his fast-track timetable last night.

The Government appears to have conceded the October 31 deadline, after it was defeated in a bid to push through his withdrawal agreement bill legislation this week.

The PM is expected to push for an election if the bloc sanctions a delay of up to three months.