Brexit looms, Berlin’s ‘Broken English’ shop aims for Ireland

Broken English, a Berlin-based shop that stocks British products, doesn’t fly the Union Jack outside its door anymore.

The British flag has become a source of shame for the shop’s new owner, Munich-born Antje Blank.

Blank, an avowed Anglophile, says the flag that once, for her, “oozed a sense of cool,” has now become tainted and stands for “insularity and borderline racism” following the Brexit vote.

“It has been hijacked by the Tory party, the Brexiteers and the Farage people,” Blank said, referring to Nigel Farage, the leader of the Brexit Party. The UK is currently gearing up for a Dec. 12 election, prompted by an impasse in parliament over Brexit withdrawal agreements. 


Why Labour Position on Brexit And General Election Is Not Confused

Sections of the British media are presenting the Labour policy towards Brexit as confused and complicated///BY RADHIR BASI VIA LINKEDIN

Labour has not always been clear about what it’s position on Brexit would be if elected in a General Election. Now that they have set it out, it has proved to confuse several people.

UK PM Johnson promises to end ‘unbearable’ uncertainty around Brexit

COVENTRY, England/LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday promised he would end the “unbearable” uncertainty around Brexit if he wins a Dec. 12 election, saying that political paralysis was affecting investment decisions in the country.

Boris Johnson’s general election poll lead over Labour narrows to six points as the Liberal Democrats and Brexit Party get squeezed and lose ground

Boris Johnson’s general election poll lead over Jeremy Corbyn has narrowed to six points as support for the Liberal Democrats and Brexit Party went backwards. 

A new Survation survey carried out when the election campaign formally got underway last week puts the Conservative Party on 35 per cent and Labour on 29 per cent. 

The Tories are up one per cent in that poll while Labour jumped three per cent when compared with the previous survey conducted at the end of October. 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson awaits EU decision on Brexit extension after timetable delay; general election imminent

Boris Johnson is awaiting news on a Brexit extension from the EU after a defeat over his fast-track timetable last night.

The Government appears to have conceded the October 31 deadline, after it was defeated in a bid to push through his withdrawal agreement bill legislation this week.

The PM is expected to push for an election if the bloc sanctions a delay of up to three months.