London Bridge terror attack: when should terrorists be released from prison?

Are terrorism cases dealt with differently from other cases?///BY CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

After the terrorist attack in London last week, political parties are blaming each other.

A man recently released from prison for a terrorism offence killed two people in a terrorist attack that has been leapt upon by politicians ahead of the election next week.


British Prime Minister: “I’m not going to tell you how many children I’ve got.”

“I love my children very much, but they are not standing at this election, and I am not therefore going to comment,” said Johnson, whose colorful love life has attracted tabloid attention in the past.

UK Tata Steel to cut 3,000 jobs in ‘severe’ market

Tata Steel is set to cut 3,000 jobs in Europe. The Indian-owned company says issues of global oversupply and stagnant EU demand have been “compounded by trade conflicts which have turned the European market into a dumping ground for the world’s excess steel capacity”. The announcement comes two months after the steel giant said it planned to shutter two UK operations, jeopardising 400 jobs. In May, the EU blocked a merger between Tata Steel and German rival Thyssenkrupp.

Former Conservative Party minister makes ‘substantial’ donation to Liberal Democrats

Timothy Sainsbury backs Sam Gyimah in marginal Kensington seat Source: Brexit

Police arrest haulage boss and wife on 39 counts of manslaughter over Essex death truck tragedy

Chinese citizens have expressed shock, anger and outrage over the deaths of39 people found in a lorry in the UK and believed to be Chinese nationals, in a case experts suspect is linked to human trafficking.