British passport among the world’s most powerful and sought after? Who is at the top?

The most powerful passports in the world have been unveiled/ /Ross McGuinness,Yahoo News UK

With Brexit looming, the UK has slid down the list, while the passport power has shifted to Asia.

Japan and Singapore have held on to their joint top spot, with each country offering visa-free access to 189 destinations.

UK: BREXIT Delayed, ‘It wasn’t me’; British Prime Minister Theresa May protests

CRIMSON TAZVINZWA, AIWA! NO!|At a summit last week the EU agreed to delay Britain’s exit from the bloc from the previously scheduled date of March 29 until April 12 — or May 22, they assumed the UK prime minister would have finally won House of Commons vote for her Brexit deal – third time attempt; no ‘twice beaten twice shy’. Apparently, and unfortunately, there was no appetite for the third vote, this time May demurred because of short of numbers.

Editorial: ‘Time has come for the UK and EU to signal a Brexit delay’

Men and women in business face many risks and hazards. Those who persist never lack the courage to tackle the big challenges. Often they can cope with adversity but sometimes they cannot avoid succumbing.

The one thing business people rightly abhor, and struggle most to cope with, is total uncertainty. And the current state of non-play on Brexit brings us vastly more of this total uncertainty. The situation, with 46 days left to B-Day on March 29, leaves us all with few clues at all about what is happening and where this will land.

Business people on the islands of Ireland and Britain, and beyond on mainland Europe, cannot even guess what is happening next with little more than six weeks left. This is a flagrant abuse of enterprising people and their beleaguered employees and can no longer be tolerated.

NO DEAL Brexit is UK’s biggest peacetime emergency outside of natural disasters since World War Two?

Late on Tuesday, the Labour MP David Lammy tweeted these words: “I just want to run through the corridors screaming ‘wake the **** up people’”. He’s right to feel that way. I know that British politics is meant to be conducted – by politicians and commentators alike – with polite restraint, all hints and understatement, but when madness surrounds us, then it makes sense to get mad.

And make no mistake, what we are witnessing is a collective insanity. We now learn that the British army will put 3,500 troops on standby to manage the fallout from a no-deal crash-out from the European Union on 29 March. The health secretary has announced that he has become the world’s biggest purchaser of fridges, so that the UK will have sufficient storage capacity for perishable medicine. In the same vein, he has chartered a dedicated NHS plane to ensure medical isotopes – vital for cancer treatment – can be flown directly from Holland to Britain in the event of a no-deal exit.