Should frequent flyers pay more?

The U.K.’s Committee on Climate Change argues the programs incentivize frequent flyers, who should instead be slugged with a tax, a report suggests. Opponents say most miles are “issued through non-flying means,” like reward credit cards, and points often aren’t redeemed for flights. Others question whether flying’s environmental footprint is significantly worse than other modes of transit.


Gotcha!! Spanish man who filmed himself tipping a huge fridge off a cliff to mock recycling is forced to drag it all the way back up by police

Man fined €45,000 (£41,000) after he threw fridge over a cliff in Almeria, Spain

U.N. raises aid appeal for Zimbabwe to $331.5 million, 7.7 million people face starvation/REUTERS

More than two million people in Zimbabwe are facing starvation after a severe drought that affected food harvests, the World Food Programme said in a report. The UN food agency has launched a humanitarian appeal for US$331 million to assist those affected in the southern African nation.//CRIMSON TAZVINZWA/

Creative Learning As Renewable Resource: mankind’s intelligence for better or worse; invented nuclear to provide electrical energy to millions of people AND to destroy millions of people in seconds with nuclear weapons

Rather than adapting to the natural environment as other species do, humans have learned to adapt the environment to fit … More