Why Labour Position on Brexit And General Election Is Not Confused

Sections of the British media are presenting the Labour policy towards Brexit as confused and complicated///BY RADHIR BASI VIA LINKEDIN

Labour has not always been clear about what it’s position on Brexit would be if elected in a General Election. Now that they have set it out, it has proved to confuse several people.

EU President-elect names Valean as transport commissioner: spokesperson

European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has approved European lawmaker Adina Valean as the commissioner-designate for Romania, a spokesperson for the transition team told Reuters on Wednesday.

Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan will tear apart the United Kingdom

Tony Blair’s first visit outside London after his election landslide in May 1997 was to the Royal Ulster Agricultural Show in Balmoral, near Belfast. Among the prize bulls, he tried to reassure unionists that they were safe under a Labour government, and in his speech he said: ‘“None of us in this hall today, even the youngest, is likely to see Northern Ireland as anything but a part of the United Kingdom.” It worked. Now, after Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, the unionists can no longer be so sure.

BREXIT BREAKING NEWS – EU gave nothing away’: Europe media assess, react on Boris Johnson Brexit deal

European media and commentators were unanimous in saying that the greatest and most humiliating concessions in the new Brexit accord concluded on Thursday had been made not by the EU, but by Boris Johnson.