Leicester Clothed The World – Not Anymore

An industrial powerhouse in the middle of England///CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

Hosiery; the main manufacturing light industry in Leicester and Leicestershire from as early as 19th century to late 20th century and produced a various clothing, shoes and mechanical engineering.

Names such as Corah, Wolsey, Bentley, Stibbe, the British United Shoe Machinery Company and the British Shoe Corporation were well known nationally and internationally.


UK – Leicester; Help The Homelss This Christmas Season

Homeless Services – Christmas & New Year Information

LEICESTER 45 Gin School – The Distillers Kitchen

Advertisements Located in the oldest retail building in Leicester, near enough to 45 bars, and overlooking Market Place is the gin school which offers unique opportunities into GIN making and distillery///BY CRIMSON TAZVINZWA The 45 Gin School exploration takes a good quality 3 hours blended with Cocktail & Gin infused Masterclass, Questions & Answers byContinue reading “LEICESTER 45 Gin School – The Distillers Kitchen”

London Bridge terror attack: when should terrorists be released from prison?

Are terrorism cases dealt with differently from other cases?///BY CRIMSON TAZVINZWA

After the terrorist attack in London last week, political parties are blaming each other.

A man recently released from prison for a terrorism offence killed two people in a terrorist attack that has been leapt upon by politicians ahead of the election next week.

London Bridge terrorism attack filmed from all angles

Footage has emerged of the moment an attacker, wearing a fake explosive vest, is pounced on by civilians, wrestled to the ground and then shot by police on London Bridge. Usman Khan, 28, died at the scene following the incident just before 2pm on Friday. Two members of the public died in the terror attack, and several others were injured.