EU Citizens living in the United Kingdom face deportation for failing settlement scheme status

EU Citizens living in the United Kingdom face deportation for failing on settlement scheme


UK to send MEPs to European Parliament – but for how long?

Politicians elected for these reallocated seats will in limbo – unable to take up their place until the UK and its MEPs leave//Crimson Tazvinzwa
Almost three years after voting to leave the European Union, Britons will go to the polls to elect new MEPs after Brexit was delayed.

Prime Minister Theresa May ‘in tears’ as she is forced to say when she will quit

Boris Johnson threw his hat into the ring yesterday, saying he would ‘go for it’ referring to the Tory party leadership

Theresa May was said to have had tears in her eyes as she was told MPs have run out of patience for her to announce her departure date. The Prime Minister has been fighting to keep her Brexit deal alive and prolong her position, but her grip on power has weakened.

She has been told she must go by June 30 at the latest so that the Tories can hold a leadership election. Campaigning for that job has effectively already begun with Boris Johnson announcing yesterday that he would ‘go for it’. She met with senior members of the 1922 Committee of Tory MPs in what has been described as an ’emotionally-charged’ meeting yesterday. Mrs May’s chances of receiving Labour support for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) appear to be fading, with Jeremy Corbyn’s party frustrated at the lack of progress in cross-party talks and the prospect of a new prime minister tearing up any compromise.