Ending the Intersex Exception People Born with Atypical Sex Characteristics Battle For Informed Consent

Doctors had told Bo’s parents, and Bo herself once she found out, that her condition was so rare there was no one else like her. But after learning the truth from her medical records, and as she traveled the country telling her story, she found this was untrue. Her California mailbox began to fill with letters from people describing similar experiences.

In 1993, Bo, using the name Cheryl Chase, founded the Intersex Society of North America (ISNA) to meet and help people who, like her, were born with biological sex characteristics that fall outside typical definitions—that is, their chromosomes, gonads, or internal and external sex organs differ in some way from what science and society have long deemed to be “male” or “female.”

ISNA became an eddy of activists, a support group for traumatized people who had more questions than answers, and the birthplace of momentous historical agitations such as “Hermaphrodites with Attitude.” Their mission was to convince the medical establishment to respect intersex people’s rights to health and bodily autonomy by stopping “normalizing” surgeries on children before they were old enough to understand the procedures and consent to them.

US Congress Staffers Visit Mozambique with CARE to See How U.S. Investments Are Empowering Small-Scale Farmers and Tackling Chronic Hunger

US Congress Staffers Visit Mozambique with CARE to See How U.S. Investments Are Empowering Small-Scale Farmers and Tackling Chronic Hunger

‘Let’s talk about sex’: balancing rights and responsibilities

Sexual behaviour in Britain: partnerships, practices and HIV risk behaviours’

Working for a human rights charity, my team and I spend a significant amount of time talking about sex. The right to have relationships with people – from friendships to sex – is part of each person’s fundamental human rights, guaranteed in law both internationally and here at home. But that isn’t the same as some rather unfortunate (and perhaps revealing) language reportedly used by a judge in a case currently at the Court of Protection, language which has hit the headlines this week.* He is quoted as saying “I cannot think of any more obviously fundamental human right than the right of a man to have sex with his wife – and the right of the State to monitor that.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in charge. She is taking the lead, and she brings her power to bear on Trump

“Nancy”, as the Orange Menace calls her, is now emboldened, and she is Cheeto’s kryptonite

What’s old is new again, the sheriff is back in town.

This week, just two days before Trump flew to Japan for Sumo wrestling officiating engagement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi kicked the president hard in the balls, very hard, over and over again on live TV, in a press conference we can only describe as almost shocking.

The directness and toughness of the speaker was palatable and she was having no more of Chump’s dog and pony show.