African President of ‘Azania’ aka Gondwanaland 2050; my son at 55?

‘Are you with me?’: the candidate wraps up his presidential launch
after traversing 900 miles through Azania with a late appearance at the rally under tight security and intense media attention

“The Cat”; for that is what folks in school insist calling him – ‘pet name’ of course. He is an inspiration to the 2 million progressive modern-day Gondwanese, an influencer in the specimen regionem suam otherwise affectionately known simply as Gondwana – my son is a household presence therein- and good company tooCrimson Tazvinzwa, AIWA! NO!

US Migrant Children Cages – Heart-Breaking Scenes

My little boy will be 14 soon. Pretty much so. ‘Time waits for no man.’

Child at ‘child family’ separation centre, Southern border, US

Not a dream. It is 2050 and he is president of this futuristic, picturesque and yet a there is no hurry in Africa’ country where everything is transformational, transactional, and yet ‘laissez-faire‘.

Is Trump America’s dumbest president?