Trump: I disagree with Omar ‘send her back’ chants

‘Racially charged, xenophobic, lowest-rung slur’: All the words apart from racist used by newspapers and sites to describe Trump’s racist tweets //CRIMSON TAZVINZWA/


Benny Gantz’s Blue and White Party Hires Hillary Clinton Aide Who Said She Shouldn’t Publicly ‘Call Out Israel’

Benny Gantz, leader of Blue and White party, speaks at an election campaign event in Ashkelon, Israel April 3, 2019.Amir Cohen / Reuters

Trump’s Tax Returns. Finally someone just saw them ?

Bloomberg: “Donald Trump doesn’t want anyone to see his tax returns. Not the public. Not Congress. But at least one group has peered into the carefully guarded trove and could provide some insight — a team from Deutsche Bank AG. The bankers got a look before agreeing to lend to the Trump Organization in 2012 — access that was described by two people familiar with the interaction.”

“After a recent subpoena, Deutsche Bank was prepared to begin on May 6 turning over details to Congress about that relationship and its loans to Trump family businesses. Now, Trump and his family have sued to stop the flow of information.”

Trump-Mueller report – President rages over ‘people who take notes’ as impeachment resolution gathers pace after obstruction revelations

Donald Trump has lashed out at a number of perceived enemies after the publication of the long-awaited Mueller report, which painted a damning portrait of the president’s conduct since taking office. 

The 72-year-old attacked overnight the media, a federal investigator and former FBI official, all while falsely claiming there “wasn’t any evidence” he committed a crime. 

The 450-page document, released in redacted form on Thursday, in fact, outlined a dozen instances in which Mr Trump tried to obstruct the investigation; potential crimes Mr Mueller declined to reach conclusions on.


President Donald Trump responded to news of special counsel Robert Mueller’s 2017 appointment by telling then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he was “fucked,” according to a redacted version of Mueller’s report released Thursday.

“Oh my God,” the president told Sessions, according to the report. “This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m fucked.”

Trump went on to lambaste his attorney general for allowing Mueller’s appointment to happen, telling Sessions that the attorney general’s job had been to protect him and that Sessions had “let [him] down.” The president, according to Mueller’s report, asked Sessions: “How could you let this happen, Jeff?”