UK Child Poverty Increases | 4.5 Million Living in Poverty‎

More than half of children now living in poverty in some parts of the UK‎

14.2 million people in the UK population are in poverty. That includes 4.5 million children, 8.4 million working-age adults, and 1.4 million pension-age adults. 7.7 million people live in persistent poverty. Almost half (6.9 million) of those trapped in poverty are living in families with a person with disabilities.

“LEICESTER Homeless – Their ‘Eyes and Ears, – VOICES”; AIWA! NO! First Ever Solo Media Exhibit, New Page Coming Soon, …

Like many cities, Leicester has seen an increase in the number of people sleeping rough, or having street lifestyles.

Teams of charities working in this area most of these people well. Some of them have chaotic lives and they drop in and out of different services or places to stay.

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