Ryanair launches new airline in Malta

Ryanair is set to launch a new airline in Malta, reveals The Irish Times. The carrier is believed to be in advanced talks with the government in Malta over the launch of an airline called Malta Air. The deal, expected to be announced soon, would see Malta Air initially operate with six aircraft before expanding to 12. Ryanair currently operates six aircraft in Malta under its own brand, and was previously said to have shown interest in taking over the national flag carrier, Air Malta||Tomas Chlumecky; International Airline Executive & Advisor (“Aviation Doctor”)


Trump’s golf banter teed off at Doonbeg days before Friday’s game

US president will take to Co Clare links ahead of his chief of staff and Irish ambassador|Simon Carswell in Doonbeg||

The golfing banter in Donald Trump’s running “four balls” series at Doonbegcontinued as soon as the US president stepped off his Marine One helicopter on Wednesday.

“Am I stuck with Joe?” Mr Trump said as arrived at the west Clare golf course, joshing with Joe Russell, the managing director of his family’s Doonbeg hotel and golf resort, about his playing partner for Friday’s round.

Why did US President Trump, Irish Prime Minister Varadkah meet in a Shannon Airport VIP Lounge, instead of say, ‘The Steward’s Lodge’ or some such?

MSNBC//Rachel Maddow reports on Donald Trump’s heedless reference to an Irish border wall in a press conference with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, a cringe-worthy low point in an already careening circus of pratfalls and embarrassments in Trump’s latest